photo of me by diana palmer | yan photo

photo of me by diana palmer | yan photo


My name is Kelsey. I see life in pictures… 

I am a photographer, an artist, a moth chasing the light. I find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and frame simple scenes of life as art.  I grew up with makers and I live for color, composition, layers and texture. I am an observer of movement and connections. I look for those small details that will speak to us long after we thought we had forgotten them and tug on our hearts... the ones that awaken our memory. These are the pieces I want to preserve and remember.

I am a Virginia native (the northern part) who has lived half of her life in California (the southern part). I have an MFA in Photography from Cal Arts in Los Angeles (one of the top art schools in the world), a BA in Art from UC Santa Barbara and I have been studying art and photography seriously since age 14. My personal artwork has always focused on every day life with roots in my own narrative. My story. My photography style has been described as dreamy. gorgeous. emotive. whimsical. 

I have also photographed so. many. families. that. I. love... many year after year. While my work has been published in major places (most recently a book by National Geographic) portraiture and family work is so special. In addition, I was a longtime contributor at The Bloom Forum, and while I have a degree that would allow me to teach at the University level, I love privately mentoring other photographers (from portfolio critiques and reviews, to basic camera/shooting knowledge).

Based in Oakton, Virginia, I serve the Washington, DC area. However, we are a bicoastal family who  travels often to Ventura and Ojai, California and the beaches around Santa Barbara, where family roots are strong and my loved ones can be near the sea.